Network Marketing

Network marketing is the best way to expand a business

In network marketing, this is no different. Within this field, great attention to detail is required to make a difference and stand out in the industry, something that becomes easier when you have the right tools. This is an approach shared by Dr. Parwiz Daud, a network marketing expert who strives to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and find their path to success.

Daud found his true calling in network marketing.

Dr. Parwiz Daud is a medical graduate with a master’s degree in diabetes and endocrinology from the University of Leicester. His passion for improving health and wellbeing is one of the main drivers behind his philanthropic work, projects and support for technological advancement for a better world. One of the words that best defines Dr. Daud is “entrepreneur”. During his years of study, he juggled completing his degree while running his own business. However, in network marketing, he found his true calling, as well as a platform to fulfil his dream.

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Since Daud became part of the industry he has continued to grow, gaining recognition and positioning himself among the top MLM earners. He is currently associated with Validus, a network marketing company whose goal is to educate people in leadership and motivation so they can build their own businesses.

As CNO (Chief Network Officer) of the company, Daud works to make significant impacts through knowledge, financial education and improving the economic status of each member. When talking about network marketing, Dr. Parwiz states that it is the best and most effective way to expand a business and grow a massive organisation.

“I saw in myself the potential to help many people become entrepreneurs and achieve financial freedom”.

Financial education is at the heart of Daud’s partnership with Validus.

At Validus, they believe that financial education is the key factor that makes a difference and provides a solid foundation for people to take control of their finances and work towards a better future. These are values and beliefs that Dr. Parwiz shares. Dr. Parwiz Daud’s goal within the company is to provide access to a global economy through an accessible, ethical, sustainable and globally available medium, with all the benefits that network marketing can bring to this cause.

“What I see in Validus is the potential to play a big role in the new direction of the industry.”

In his first year in this role, Daud has made remarkable achievements, including:

  • Establishing and running a genuine, ethical, solid and sustainable business concept.
  • Positioning Validus as the fastest growing company that focuses on delivering quality training and rewarding products.
  • Helped expand the company’s presence to 216 countries.
  • Business For Home named Validus as the 1st company to achieve triple AAA status in the first year of operation.
  • Together with the company, he has created a simple, reliable and equitable opportunity for all that has attracted the most dynamic, professional and clean leaders in the industry.

Dr. Parwiz Daud is not only a networking professional, he has also collaborated with several charities to bring about a change in society. While striving to achieve his own standards of excellence, he is also interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and real estate.

“I was introduced to the cryptocurrency industry in 2015 in London and, since then, I saw a great potential and need in the market. I focused more on educating people about it and other innovative technological developments so that everyone can benefit from it,” Daud explains.

Despite being a doctor by profession, Daud decided to leave the world of medicine 7 years ago and fully focused on his entrepreneurial career to explore and create better life changing opportunities.

For Daud, it is more important to prevent chronic diseases than to treat their symptoms. Because of this thought, Dr. Parwiz Daud recently started a challenge with which he seeks to improve people’s health through motivation. The #DrChallenge consists of doing the following routine every day until the end of 2022:

  • 100 push-ups and squats.
  • 1 minute plank, 10 times a day.
  • Change your drinks to water.

“I’m receiving amazing messages and I’m already helping people. As the founder of #drchallenge, I would like to work more on this project and contribute to people’s healthy lifestyle. Most people need encouragement, and I am sure that we can also work together towards this noble cause”.

Dr. Parwiz Daud has already made a difference in the lives of millions of people, and his constant concern for the improvement of educational platforms marks him out as a millionaire mind.



Whether you are planning an event and want sales ideas, sales motivation, a full sales training rock your entire company, Dr Parwiz Daud will bring it!